Holidays in the Kingdom of Happiness

Thailand promises a special holiday, because no other destination in Southeast Asia offers so much variety, adventure and        hospitality for independent travellers.


If you want  unique experiences on your travels, we will show you another side of Thailand, away from mass tourism, where you can meet the Thai people going about their everyday lives and learn from their traditional ways of life.


Our commitment to community-based tourism, operated in a sustainable manner for the benefit of all involved will ensure you an enjoyable and rewarding travel experience.




Journeys Around Thailand | 100% tailor-made

 We offer  private arrangements in Thailand,  each part of which can be combined and adapted as desired:  the length of stays can be shortened or extended, hotels can be changed and stops can be added or omitted. Just tell us hat you want. Below you find a selection of our Travel Destinations in Thailand.

Our Destinations  in Thailand

Nature and Adventure in North Thailand

The north of Thailand has always been different from the rest of the country, with a sense of grace and style of its own. From a historical perspective, northern Thailand managed to remain independent of Siamese control until the beginning of the 20th century.
It was part of the kingdom of Lana which kept its very own and unique traditions and customs.


People and Culture of Northeast Thailand

The Northeast of Thailand has never been high on the tourism hit list. Of the nearly ten million travelers who flock to Thailand year after year, under 4% come to this region, also known as Isaan. The reason for this is not a lack of interesting things to see and do but just the great wealth of possibilities that the rest of Thailand has to offer. However, in Isaan you will find friendly, welcoming  people who still hold to the traditional ways of doing things and more to see and do than you could ever have imagined.

Bangkok and Beyond - Central Thailand

In central Thailand is where the historic kingdoms of Siam emerged. The region is considered the center of national culture. Pride in its past, its religious traditions as well as values such as generosity and humanity, determine life here. This Area is the rice bowl of Thailand.

Southern Spices and Beaches 

Palm-fringed beaches blessed with soft, powdery sand, washed by the gentle waves of the Andaman Sea - whether busy sophisticated  resorts, or small hidden islands with an air of Robinson Crusoe, in southern Thailand you are sure to find your own version of tropical paradise.

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