Meet the Nutty Team

Professional experts in travel in Southeast Asia

Especially when you choose a foreign and fascinating destination like Thailand for your hard-earned holiday, as a tourist you need an organizer at your side who you can fully rely on - us! And so that you can get a little insight into our team of Thailand specialists, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Nutty’s Adventures Co. Ltd. - Local tour operator.                                                                            First class, experienced, and sustainable in Thailand tourism

Nithi Subhongsang - Managing Director

Nutty – The company co-founder is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades at Nutty’s Adventures. He can just as easily be seen perched on a bicycle as a tour guide as sitting in front of a computer doing office work, or in the back room inspecting equipment. If you ever attended a travel fair or tourism conference, then the odds are that you will bump into him one day.

Nutty earned his nickname because he walks on the wild side, often taking great risks so that new traveling routes can be offered in support of remote unknown communities. With 13 years’ experience in the tourism industry, Nutty has developed a deep passion for sustainable tourism and responsible travel. He is a strong advocate of Community-Based Tourism involving small rural villages as unique destinations.

Nattapak Sathierujikanon - Administration Manager

Behind every good man is an even better woman!


That is Natasha. As the Administration Manager, she is the backbone of Nutty’s Adventures Co,.Ltd.

Natasha is passionate about Thailand, community-based tourism and responsible travel.


She will greet you with a beautiful smile and her warm, welcoming nature you will just want to give her a big hug. Natasha has a very generous spirit and that means no task or request is too big for her.

Andrew Lewis - Marketing Manager

Andy –  has more years’ experience in the travel industry than he wants to say but we can tell you that it is over 40 years. He has worked in England, Holland, Denmark and for the past 25 years Thailand has been his home.


As Sales and Marketing Manager, Andy will be the face of Nutty’s Adventures around the world as he delivers the message of responsible tourism, a personal goal of his for all of these 40 years, and how we can deliver that to you clients. If you want anything from Nutty’s, just drop him a line.

Julian Kappes - General Manager

Julian - emigrated to Thailand in 2011 and immediately settled in the world metropolis Bangkok!

There, everything went his planned way, because Julian is a person who puts emphasis on planning and order and this feature pays off especially in his current duties at the Nuttys Adventures:


He advises and plans the trips of our German-speaking customers . Julian is a family man. He has been happily married for 9 years and has 3 beautiful girls with his wife Alyssa .That's the reason why his core competence includes travel advice for family vacationers. He travels at least 4 times a year to various parts of Thailand to visit resident partner agencies and to inspect hotels. Quality assurance is an important part of his work, in order to give you a 100% customized travel advice!

Sudarat Kakaew - Operation Assistant

Ann comes from Saraburi province in central Thailand, northeast of Bangkok

She graduated from Rajamangala University of Technology, Suvarnabhumi.


Two years ago, she had the chance to meet and help Nutty’s team create new activities and really enjoyed it. That is what brought her back to us in our operations team and Ann is very happy to be working with us.

She loves travelling and so a travel company is the perfect workplace for her. 


Anns hobbies are:  collecting Legos, E-Sports and watching Travel documentaries.
Some of her favorite places in Thailand are: The Island of Koh Chang and Khao Yai National Park


Pronpun Surat - Reservation Assistant

Yeem is from Ayutthaya and she graduated from Pharanakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University with English Major. She works at our reservation department and takes care of each booking from our international customers with great responsibility. 


She likes to travel and  to discover the historical sites of Ayutthaya especially. 
You will always see her with a camera around her neck, taking pictures of the City.
Yeem is still the newest member of our team, but we are very happy to have her.


Her hobbies are photography, obviously and she loves to read Arabic poems and History books.
Yeems favorite  places are: Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi and Chonburi Beach.

Seangdao Mathong - Accounting Assistant


Mar is also from Ayutthaya and graduated from Pattana Business Administration College with a Computer Major. 

She works at our Accounting department and has a job with a lots of responsibilities.



With her smile and funny attitude, she always cheers up the whole team at work

Her free time hobbies are listening to music and photography.


Mar loves to go to the beach and her favorite Island is Koh Phi Phi  

Nuengruethai Nunjuti- Accounting Assistant


Ying was born in Ayutthaya and graduated 2018 from the Rajamangala University of Technology
Suvarnabhum with a Major in English and an Bachelor Degree of Liberal Arts. 



She also works at our Accounting department and supports the team diligently.



Yings hobbies are: Jogging, listening to music and clubbing on the weekend.

Her favorite places in Thailand are: Ayutthaya, Chaing Mai and Chiang Khan in the North and Hua Hin Beachside

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