Nutty’s Adventures as a Social Enterprise

A new form of business has emerged during the past few years, one where the desire to make the world a better place is the primary motivation, not making a profit; in other words a social enterprise.  As a business, it must still make a profit but that profit is a means to an end, not the end itself.


For Nutty’s Adventures, this step from being a conventional business to becoming a social enterprise is not a big one, as the company has always been driven by the desire to bring benefit to everybody with whom we are invloved.


As a tour operator specialising in community-based tourism, Nutty’s Adventures, we have always tried to improve the lives of the local people with whom we work, not just by boosting their local economies but by also improving the standards of health and safety in the villages, by helping to conserve both their natural environment and traditional cultures and maintain the social cohesion of the communities.  While doing this we were able to provide our customers with memorable and rewarding travel experiences and our staff with the satisfaction of knowing that lives were being improved.

Benefit for all

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Travelife Certification






Nutty's Adventures has been a Travelife Partner since March 2015 and we achieved full Travelife Certification in 2018. This certification has been renewed twice and is currently valid until November 2025.

ENAT Membership

On 5.May 2017, Nutty’s Adventures became a a member of the European Network for Accessible Tourism. We are sure that this membership will help us greatly in promoting Thailand as an accessible tourism destination for people with disabilities.


Click here for more Information about ENAT


Before booking and again prior to travelling we recommend that you check the travel advisories issued by your own government and by the Thai government for guidance on health and safety considerations during your time in Thailand.


Official Thai Government information can be found at:


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