Clients’ Code of Conduct – Interactions with Animals

  1. Don’t support hotels, bars or entertainment venues that display captive wild animals
  2. Don’t support the use of wild animals as photographic props
  3. Don’t support enterprises where wild animal are use to perform tricks or put on shows
  4. Support sanctuaries where animals can roam free
  5. Support genuine rescue and rehabilitation projects
  6. Support projects that breed endangered species for release into the wild.
  7. Support only enterprises where animals:
  8. Receive proper nutrition
  9. Are housed in comfortable surroundings and allowed as much freedom of movement as is practicable
  10. Receive full medical care
  11. Can interact with others of their species
  12. Are free from stress
  13. Only domesticated animals should be used for riding
  14. Captive animals should only be feed under the supervision of the handlers
  15. Keep a safe distance from wild animals
  16. Avoid making loud noises or sudden movements when close to animals
  17. Take care not to cause distress with flash photography

                                                                                                                                                                   December 2022

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