Eco Tourism in Thailand

Sustainable and environmentally conscious travel

In the last few decades Thailand has become extremely popular, especially among long-distance travelers - and as always when a country becomes a popular travel destination, this has of course been partly at the expense of nature. Polluted water from jet skis, exhaust fumes and the remains of tourists have turned some of the paradisiacal beaches into better garbage dumps. However, both the Thai government and travel agencies have reacted quickly and are investing in sustainable tourism, which is intended to protect both the landscape and the culture.

Eco Tourism in Thailand
Eco Tourism in Thailand

"What comes to Thailand, stays in Thailand"

An important aspect of sustainable vacations is the choice of tour operator. The Thailand specialists work together with travel agencies on site and thus ensure that the money brought into the country actually arrives where it is needed - and does not run dry in Europe. This not only has the advantage that the Thai economy - and thus local providers - is strengthened, but also that you always have contacts on site who can respond specifically to your requests and inquiries. With the choice of your hotel, you also have the opportunity to act sustainably by not using the package deal of an international hotel chain, but instead using traditional Thai companies. Away from the standardized hotel room to a personal room with character.

Not only enjoy nature, but also protect it

It can be so easy to travel in harmony with nature: of course, the most important thing is to leave Thailand as you found it. No chocolate bar papers in the jungle, no leftover food on the beach, it's the little things that, if we pay attention to them all, can make an immense difference. You can also easily influence sustainability by choosing your means of transport: if you use buses or trains instead of a plane within Thailand, you not only protect nature, but you also have the opportunity to see Thailand from a completely new perspective - and get to know more personal - perspective. Nothing beats the acquaintances that are made on the train, nothing like the photos that are taken on a mountain top during a break in the bus.

Maintain social contacts and show interest

The Thai are known to be extremely hospitable and lovable people. In addition, they are very proud of their country and love to let visitors participate in their history and traditions. Take the opportunity and show the residents your interest and respect - you will be rewarded with many an invitation to a traditional meal or to a party. The hill tribes in the north in particular are famous for their hospitality and often even offer to spend the night in their own huts - a unique experience, because this way you can experience the "real" Thailand - and learn to love it. This type of travel is called homestay and has become extremely popular in recent years. Of course, a sustainable holiday also means that you should respect the customs and traditions of Thai and adhere to the usual customs, such as covered clothing when visiting temples and shrines. Read the rules of conduct on a Thailand vacation.

Combine sustainability with luxury

Long gone are the days when sustainability meant giving up your well-deserved luxury. On the contrary, because many of the luxury resorts and hotel complexes attach great importance to operating in harmony with nature and the inhabitants. Pools that are filled with rainwater, solar systems for their own electricity production or ecological waste disposal, many luxury hotels focus on sustainability - and thus create completely new standards for luxury travel in Thailand. Government-sponsored programs such as the "Green Leaf Program" for hotels guarantee that you can enjoy your stay in Thailand to the fullest and with a clear conscience.

The new way to travel: Voluntourism

Would you like to not only explore and enjoy the country during your holiday in Thailand, but also do something good at the same time? Then you can spend part of your stay with "Voluntourism" - a dignified way to get to know and love the country from a completely new perspective. Voluntourism means that during your stay in Thailand you take part in a wide variety of projects that contribute to both the preservation of nature and the preservation of Thai customs and traditions. Help out in one of the elephant camps (more: wildlife in tourism) or the numerous national parks in Thailand or teach English to the rural population - the possibilities are diverse and you can contribute your little bit to more sustainability and a completely new travel awareness.