Country and People

Background information on Thailand and its inhabitants

History of Thailand

A number of dynasties ruled the various parts of the country from the first millennium. Siam has been united as a nation since the rise of the Sukhothai Kingdom in the mid-13th century. An insight into the History of Thailand can lead to a deeper understanding for the interested traveler and promises deeper impressions of the culture of Thailand.

Mai Pen Rai (it doesn't matter) - the Thai philosophy of life

Foreign country, foreign cultures - how do I behave on vacation in Thailand? Above all, respect Buddhism and do not act like an "elephant in a china shop". Loud behavior and dirty looks are frowned upon by the Thais. This applies particularly to contact with the Thais. Be patient and always have a smile on your face. A brief insight into the Thai philosophy of life reveals why.

Buddhism in Thailand

Today Buddhism belongs to one of the four great world religions and around 500 million people worldwide belong to this belief system. Over 2,500 years ago the scholar Siddhartha Gotama is said to have been "enlightened" and spent the rest of his life sharing his wisdom with humanity.


For many, Buddhism is much more than just a religion, it is a philosophy and a way of life that should lead one to true happiness and inner satisfaction.

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