Vacation spots in Northern Thailand

Mountains - jungles - mysterious temples

Northern Thailand means forested mountains, precious teakwood temples and the colourful costumes of the many hilltribes people who migrated here generations ago. It is also where you can visit colourful night markets, elephant sanctuaries, ancient cities and the famous "Golden Triangle", where Thailand meets Myanmar and Laos. Trekking tours and soft adventures spas and retreats from hectic everyday life: Northern Thailand has something for everyone.

Popular travel destinations in Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai

The "Rose of the North" Chiang Mai is the secret capital and the center of northern Thailand. With its location in the midst of green mountains, it is the starting point for tours through the fascinating north, but at the same time offers an endless amount of things to discover. The venerable temples in the old town, the colorful night markets, where you can buy everything from exotic snacks such as scorpions on a stick to fake designer watches and numerous activities in Chiang Mai never let you get bored


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Chiang Rai

The northernmost provincial capital of Thailand Chiang Rai is located in the middle of the infamous Golden Triangle, where the kingdom meets Laos and Myanmar. Once a flourishing cultivation and transshipment point for drugs, trade and tourism are now more flourishing here. Chiang Rai itself is a melting pot of cultures: nowhere else do you see so many members of the hill tribes like Karen, Akha, Lisu or Meo, who offer their artfully crafted products at the markets and give an insight into a completely different world.


Do you want to get to know a northern Thailand that not even most of the locals have ever seen? Welcome to Phayao, the city on the lake! Nestled in the rolling hills of the area, this small town is an absolute insider tip among the holiday resorts in the north of the kingdom.

Not only is Phayao almost straight out of a postcard, the rest of the province also attracts with numerous forests, picturesque rivers, colorful markets and, of course, mountain villages of the Hill Tribes.