Thailand Responsible Tourism Association (TRTA)

Thailand Responsible Tourism Association (TRTA) was formed by stakeholders from six different sectors involved in tourism: tour operators, accommodation providers, restaurants, tourist guides, local communities and academics. The group shares the same belief that Responsible Tourism can have a positive impact for all stakeholders and by being responsible and conscientious in using tourism resources help guarantee its future sustainability. Nutty's Adventures was a founding member of TRTA.


  • To encourage all tourism partners, both domestic and international to work in cooperation towards achieving the common aim of truly responsible tourism (RT).
  • Promote, support and develop the concept of RT for the tourist industry worldwide.
  • Through human resources development put RT at the heart of the tourism industry for the future.
  • Provide members with standardized RT training courses.
  • Advise and give an academic perspective to Responsible Tourism and provide criteria by which RT practices can be measured.
  • Research into the effects of RT and gauge its impact.

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